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2ft Wallbox Tower

  • Display Dimensions: 24”W x 96”H x 24”D (8FT), 24”W x 120”H x 24”D (10FT)
  • Template Dimensions: 87“W x 96.5“H (8FT), 87“W x 120.5“H (10FT)
3ft-Wallbox-Tower_10ft Graphic Package-1

3ft Wallbox Tower​

  • Display Dimensions: 36”W x 96”H x 36”D (8FT), 36”W x 120”H x 36”D (10FT)
  • Template Dimensions: 135“W x 96.5“H (8FT), 135“W x 120.5“H (10FT)
8ft-Wallbox_Double Sided Graphic Package-10 ft-01

8ft Wallbox

  • Display Dimensions: 96”W x 96”H x 18”D(8FT), 96”W x 120”H x 18”D (10FT)
  • Template Dimensions: 133“W x 96.5“H (8FT), 133“W x 120“H (10FT)
10ft-Wallbox_Single Sided Graphic Package with Black Back Fabric-8 ft-01

10ft Wallbox

  • Display Dimensions: 120”W x 96”H x 18”D (8FT), 120”W x 96”H x 18”D (10FT)
  • Template Dimensions: 156“W x 96.5“H (8FT), 156″W x 120″H (10FT)
15ft-Wallbox_Double Sided Graphic Package-8 ft-01

15ft Wallbox

  • Display Size: 120″W x 90″H x 18.75″D
  • Available at: Pacific Fulfillment Center
20ft-Wallbox_Double Sided Graphic Package-1

20ft Wallbox

  • Display Dimensions: 240”W x 96”H x 18”D (8FT), 240”W x 120”H x 18”D (10FT)
  • Template Dimensions Single Sided: 137.75“W x 48.25“H (50% Scale, 8FT), 137.75“W x 60“H (50% Scale, 10FT)
  • Template Dimensions Double Sided: 128.625“W x 24.125“H (25% Scale, 8FT), 128.625“W x 30“H (25% Scale, 10FT)
16ft-Wallbox-Arch_Graphic Package-01

16ft Wallbox Arch

  • Display Dimensions: 192’W x 132’H x 24’D
  • Graphic Material: Stretch Fabric (SKU: FAB-STRETCH)
12x10-ft-Wallbox-Slim-Arch_Graphic Package-02

12x10ft Wallbox Arch

  • Display Dimensions: 142”W x 126”H x 45”D
  • Graphic Material: Stretch Fabric (FAB-STRETCH)